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Dr. Manoj K Goel
Director & Head
Dept of Pulmonology, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine
Fortis Memorial Research Institute,Gurugram(Delhi & NCR)

How is pneumonia diagnosed?

Your healthcare provider will consider your symptoms and do a physical exam. There can be reduced or abnormal sounds heard in the lung with pneumonia.

Blood tests may be done to look at your white blood count and other tests that may be abnormal due to infection.

Often a chest x-ray is done that can show the area or areas of pneumonia. Some- times a more detailed computerized x-ray called a CT (often called “cat”) scan is done.

Cultures and tests may be done of sputum (also called phlegm or mucus) from the lungs that is coughed out to see if a bacteria or virus can be found. People who are sick enough to be in the hospital are more often tested for the most likely viruses and bacteria.

If a person 
is not getting better, has severe infection, or is at high risk of an unusual infection, a sample of mucus may be taken from the lung through the airways using a procedure called bronchoscopy. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what type of infection (for example what bacteria) is causing the pneumonia. This can be because the tests are not perfect, and/or you may have received some treatment before the tests were done.  




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