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Dr. Manoj K Goel
Director & Head
Dept of Pulmonology, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine
Fortis Memorial Research Institute,Gurugram(Delhi & NCR)

What are the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea?

There are many clues that tell your provider that you may have OSA. You may not be aware that you have OSA, but these symptoms may be more obvious to a spouse, other family member, or close friend. 

Common symptoms you may have during sleep:

■ Snoring that is usually loud and bothers other people trying to sleep near you. Snoring can come and go through the night. 

■ Gasping or choking sounds.

■ Breathing pauses observed by someone watching you sleep.

■ Sudden or jerky body movements.

■ Restless tossing and turning.

■ Frequent awakenings from sleep.

Common symptoms you may have while awake

■  Wake up feeling like you have not had enough sleep, even after sleeping many hours.

■  Morning headache.

■  Dry or sore throat in the morning from breathing through your mouth during sleep.

■  Sleepiness during the day.

■  Fatigue or tiredness through the day.

■  Personality changes, such as mood swings and di culty getting along with others.

■  Problems with poor memory or inability to concentrate 





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